• I Know Gender - An Introduction to Gender Equality

    IOM Director General's message to all staff members on IOM and UNWOMEN's training centre launching of the e-learning course “I Know Gender: An Introduction to Gender Equality”.

  • International Migrants Day 2015 - Statement and Video

  • Diaspora committed to assist in the development of Ghana

    BBC devoted a video on reversed migration of highly skilled Ghanaians who are returning to Ghana from North America and Western Europe, aiming at benefitting of new growth and employment opportunities. IOM is convinced that Diaspora can play an important role in the development of their countries, not merely in terms of remittances but specifically through diaspora entrepreneurship and through the transfer of skills, competences and innovations that are needed for a country’s development.

  • Ghanaian Man Given Taxi to Return Home

    BBC's Suzanne Vanhooymissen reports on the possible outcome of the Valetta summit in Malta where the EU and African countries tackle the economic and security problems that cause people to flee, and persuade African countries to take back more failed asylum seekers.

  • Le centre de transit de l’OIM à Agadez, Niger

    Published on November 04 2015

    Le centre de transit et d’assistance pour les migrants inauguré à Agadez par l’OIM en décembre 2014,  fournit aux migrants vulnérables en détresse au Niger une assistance d’urgence et humanitaire incluant : accueil, enregistrement, hébergement, aide alimentaire, articles de première nécessité, soins médicaux, soutien psychosocial, retracement familial, et retour volontaire vers la ville/pays d’origine accompagné d’une aide à leur réintégration socio-économique dans la communauté d’origine.


IOM in West and Central Africa

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